February 6, 2014

Nature through a Toddler's Eyes

You know those times with toddler's, when what you have planned doesn't actually go as planned? 
That is just how this amazing day played out. 
If you missed out on how this day started, you should definitely check it out here. In the pictures you are about to see, is what happened after we had spent time on our Valentine activities. 
So this is what happened when I turned my back.
Like many toddler's my Bells likes to climb. She saw something out the window that intrigued her and decided to go look.
Of course I'm always close by, so I stood next to her and let her watch and watch, and watch some more. At that moment I knew everything else could wait. This was a special time for her.
She concentrated for a long time up on top of the bookcase, (don't worry,that is not a regular thing).
 It was so enjoyable to see her excitement. 
Do you wonder what she was so excited about?
That's right we spent a good 30 minutes watching the squirrels run back and forth on our deck. Leaping on and off the trees and gathering corn that we left for them.
These moments are why I truly believe in allowing the child to have plenty of time to lead.

Have you had the chance to enjoy nature with your child today? 


  1. That's beautiful! I love that you took the time to follow her interest in the squirrel. And - 30 minutes? How says toddlers have no attention span?! ;)

  2. She is so adorable and what a precious moment! I remember having a similar experience with my first born Sixtine. She saw a cat and was so excited - it was priceless!

  3. My little one also LOVES nature and squirrels! :) It's fun to stop and see through the child's eyes. Good job Mama :)


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