March 29, 2014

Perfect DIY Spring Toddler Activities

This month I decided to try and focus on toddler activities that I can make from things found in our home. Since Spring has kind of arrived, and Earth Day is right around the corner, I figured it was the perfect time to use recyclable containers and DIY some Fine Motor Fun. 

This fun activity comes from pipe cleaners cut in half (better for little hands), and a creamer container.  
Ms Bell spent days on and off playing with this activity. She can open and close the top by herself, and place the pipe cleaners in the hole. This activity works hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Great skills for Toddlers to be learning. 
Any canister with a lid will work for this. Just cut a circle in the top big enough for lids to fit through. 
Easy Peasy, and Toddlers love to place items into a hole. 
How about a fun easy Spring time egg carton. We colored the egg carton in a pattern and then we discussed what color pom poms we would be using. Bells worked on picking out the matching pom pom for each space. It's amazing how you can recycle so many things you use regularly. for toddler activities. If you don't already, start looking at things differently before you get rid of them. Try thinking about how things can be repurposed. 
We also had block play with our DIY water colored blocks. Purchased at the craft store and painted with AP Certified watercolors. We can never leave Sensory play out. This week we did an easy Spring Jewelry bin. Bells loves playing with beads, so I thought it would be fun to get everything together in one pretty bin and play.

I hope this helps show you how you can turn things you have around the house into fabulous learning fun.
Check out our Spring Pinterest Board  for more ideas.  

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  1. I always love it when I can make activities from stuff around the house too. I love your jewelry sensory bin! I will have to try that with my daughter; I'm sure she would really enjoy it.

    1. Awe good, I'm glad you liked it :) My daughter loves the jewelry too.

  2. Lots of great, springy ideas!

  3. these are so beautiful, engaging and fun!

  4. What great activities! I stumbled upon your site via the tot school link up this morning, but it looked very familiar. I realised I was on here a lot last night when my son deciding to that midnight was play time! I was looking up montessori spaces and had been browsing through some of your older posts about your school set up. I really like your blog, and I've started following you on nearly all of your social media :)

    1. Such kind words, thank you. I am so happy you like the blog :)

  5. This is so MUCH fun! :) It is fun to see what one can find around the house to make into a learning/sensory toy. Little Bee and I had fun doing that as well this spring! :)


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