12 Months of Monthly Montessori Themed Activities

Themed learning is so much fun! Don’t you think? Personally, it works out great for my kids. It is driven by their interests and gives them more to learn about topics that they already love. I also think themed learning is great, because you can introduce new things that they might not know about yet. I hope your children enjoy some of these Montessori themed activities too.

12 Months of Monthly Montessori Themed Activities, Montessori Ideas, Set-ups, Trays, Free Printables, Preschool Themed Learning Activities and so much more.

12 Months of Monthly Montessori Themed Activities

Every month I will add to this list with ideas and activities that we think are great. It might help to bookmark or pin this post, so you don’t miss anything. We love having you  join us for a great year of Montessori themed activities. I added a link below to a private Facebook group where we enjoy great conversation and share pictures of what we are doing each week. We would love to have you join.


25+ Antarctic and Arctic Activities for Kids

arctic activities

Fun Preschool Activities for January

preschool activities for January



10+ Montessori March Preschool Activities

montessori march


10+ Perfect Montessori April Preschool Activities

april montessori


May activities


Montessori Summer Activities ~ Perfect Themes for June

Montessori summer activities for June


Montessori Inspired Summer Activities for Kids

montessori summer activities



Fabulous Themed Fall Montessori Activities

montessori fall activities


Perfect Fall Montessori Pumpkin Activities 




Montessori Holiday Activities Perfect for December


12 Months of Montessori Learning

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A Year of Montessori Education & Activities


Montessori Learning


The Best Montessori Preschool Gift Guide

montessori gift guide pin1


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