1st pregnancy vs. the 5th pregnancy

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There’s a few things about the fifth pregnancy that are different than the first pregnancy: Excitement for the unknown is replaced by excitement of the known. With my first pregnancy, I was excited to see what that new little face was going to look like, and to meet that new little person. With my fifth pregnancy, my excitement comes in a new light. I now know something that I didn’t know then. I know now that there will be nothing else like it. I know now that there’s nothing better. I know that there is a magical time ahead for me in which I will fall in love with this new little person. I know because it’s happened four times before. I know this baby is going to add to our family in a way that nothing else can. Though I know there will be times ahead in which babies will take their messy diapers off, and finger paint with poop (that’s right), and there will be 4 year olds  that lose their shoes every time I turn around, I also know there will be new smiles, new laughter, sweet kisses, a little room made at our table as we set another place, and plenty of love to go around. Best of all we will get a little bit of pink girlyness added to our house 🙂 YAY!!!

Baby Bell was born happy, and healthy. She’s our Perfect Little Princess.

I wrote this while I was pregnant and decided to add it to my blog as a sweet memory. Since I am writing here about my children’s adventures in growing, learning, and becoming what they were intended to be. 
They truly are GOD’S greatest gift 


My Joy-Filled Life

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