5+ Things Every Sports Mom Should Keep with Them

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When you are a sports mom, you know how busy life can get. Whether your child plays sports all year round or just one season, it doesn’t matter. Life of a sports mom is hectic and very challenging. Your schedule can get full some seasons so having a sports mom survival kit handy makes life so much easier.  Part of being prepared for sports season is to be certain you have specific things with you at all times. Here’s a list of things every sports mom should keep with them

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This article is sponsored by BODYARMOR and Mom It Forward Influencer NetworkHowever, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

5 Things Every Sports Mom Should Keep with Them

Sports Mom Survival Kit

Keep Folding Chairs Available

There’s nothing worse than going to a sporting event to watch your child and cheer them on while standing the whole time. Sure you can sit on the grass, but it isn’t comfortable for a long sporting event. Consider keeping folding chairs in the back of your vehicle during sports season always to be prepared with a comfortable seat for all sports games.

Healthy Snacks

Every sports mom should have some protein type snacks in the car at all times. You can make them from scratch or purchase healthy snack options in individual packets to keep in your glove box. Having healthy snacks in the car at all times will curb the moods that can come from a hungry kid after or before a game.


Pen & Paper

You never know what changes may happen during a sports practice or game. Often coaches will give parents information that must be written down. Having pen and paper on hand can work to make quick notes to put on the schedule later or to entertain younger kids with drawing during their sibling’s game time.

Snacks and Drinks 

While yes, healthy snack options are important for the children, you also have to think about yourself. During sports seasons most moms are running around so much that they neglect their own health needs. Be certain to always have healthy snack options like granola and trail mix on hand. Also, keep drinks like BODYARMOR a premium sports drink with no artificial flavors or sweeteners ready for you to grab so that you can keep the energy level up during sports season.


Travel Water Bottles and BODYARMOR a healthier alternative to sports drinks

BODYARMOR and Water are essential to every sports mom and kids. BODYARMOR SuperDrink is a premium, sports drink that provides superior hydration. It is packed with electrolytes, coconut water, and vitamins and is low in sodium and high in potassium. You should be sure to have BODYARMOR and water on hand at all times during sports season. Think about investing in a few reusable water bottles that you keep in the car. You can always fill them at a water fountain or keep a cooler of BODYARMOR  in the car to refill the bottles. All family members will need to stay hydrated during sports season.

BODYARMOR provides superior hydration and comes in 9-great tasting flavors. My favorite is the orange mango, but my kids haven’t been able to pick a favorite. They all taste amazing. 



For our family living at the beach sunscreen is something we use daily. If you don’t live in a sunny place sunscreen is still an important part of your child’s healthy skin care. Keep it on hand for the busy days you are out in the sun.

There you have it, five things every sports mom should keep with them. Each of these tips helps you to entertain little ones that have siblings who play sports as well as keep the whole family hydrated and filled up on snacks. Being a sports mom is no joke, it will be a crazy season for the whole family, but the awesome news is that you are supporting your child’s love of a sport and that is a reward worth every moment of chaos.

*Don’t forget to restock your first aid kit, that should be a staple in your car. With kids having a first aid kit is a must all of the time.  

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