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A Butterfly Experience

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 This is our life cycle of a butterfly experience… 
I love this nature area, and so do the kids. They spend hours each week around this little bookshelf, reading, writing, and observing.
If you are looking for great printables on butterflies, the free printables that I used for this unit are from http://www.preschoolmom.com/.



The beautiful caterpillar and butterfly cards are Baby Einstein animal discovery cards. I love the realistic pictures that they use.


Wouldn’t you want to experience learning like this?
This great idea came from one of my favorite places, Pinterest.
The boys favorite books for the butterfly experience were

Baby Bells Butterfly Treasure Basket
Baby Bells basket consisted of The very hungry caterpillar board bookButterfly kisses finger puppet and book, Butterfly in the garden foam book, The hungry caterpillarButterfly puzzle blocks, and a Butterfly hand puppet.


She is our Beautiful Butterfly.





Exploring and learning with Baby Bells is so much fun.


What a wonderful experience we have had this week learning about the butterfly life cycle. Our experience is not over, we still have painting to do and releasing of the Monarchs. So stay tuned.
If you are interested in having your own butterfly experience I highly recommend the Live Butterfly Garden.

If you would like other ideas on how to set up for a great experience check out my Pinterest board here. If you have any questions or want to chat about your butterflies come visit me on Facebook, I would love to hear from you.