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A Day at the Pond

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Look deep into nature,
and then you will understand everything better.
-Albert Einstein
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Watching my boys together brings me so much joy.
Several Canadian Goose flocked to the water for a swim. One fact we learned about them is that the male and the female goose look exactly the same (color wise).
Someone painted a bear on a tree, although I’m still not really sure if I like people painting on tree’s we did think it looked really cool. Check out the mouth, it’s so perfect.
Blaze loves fishing, and even though we didn’t bring his fishing rod, he brought along a string and a hook. I thought that was such a cute and cleaver thing to think of. So old school, I loved it. He didn’t catch anything but it was fun trying.
Little Miss Bell sleeping away.
We spotted these pretty purple flowers and brought some home to research. We found out that Lupine grows wild along shorelines and native gardens. It blooms between May and June in full sun and that Lupine derives from the Latin word Lupinus, which means of or belonging to a wolf.  Very interesting.
The boys thought this big hole in the tree was neat and wanted a picture next to it.
This sign is at one of the entrances showing us what kind of fish live in our pond. This was great because my husband always use to tell the boys he didn’t think any fish were in the pond because they couldn’t catch any.
The American Crow
 Four Laughing Gull with Canada Goose in the background.
We need a duck crossing sign around here. This duck is cruising across the main street.
Buds means springtime.
Little B decided to collect sticks, he carried them the whole way.
These 2 ducks (the one above and below) we have researched and researched only to be undecided in what they are. We thought the one above could be a ringed neck Duck, however the coloring on the body is different. The one below we thought was a mutant duck but again we are unsure. If you know what they are or have any information we would love to hear from you.
The Domestic Goose, Scientific name Anser anser domesticus.
The Domestic Goose has been used for centuries as watch animals and guards in some places. They are the most aggressive of all poultry. Daddy doesn’t look very happy.
Awwww, if you look closely you will see what they are protecting. A baby.
What a sweet new family.
Sweet, quiet times by the pond.
A wonderful display of flags for all of the different branches of the military. We walk and talk about the importance of these flags, and the differences in the branches of the military.
Blaze found a beautiful flower for mommy.
When we got home from the pond, everyone drew a picture for our family nature journal. They could draw about anything that they saw and enjoyed at the pond.
I love these days!
I believe my children get a lot more out of their education, and are enjoying these childhood years better by spending time in nature. If you would like to read more about the importance of getting kids outdoors. I love the book Pocketful of Pinecones and Last Child in the Woods.


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