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A Lifetime of Play with Elves & Angels

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You know when there is that special something that you look at for a long time? You take the time thinking about it, you love everything about it, and so desperately want to have it? That’s how I have felt about the Elves & Angels Waldorf Playstands. For awhile now I have admired them from afar, looking at other families pictures, seeing them online, and in catalogs. It was one of those things I have longed to have for my children. I have asked myself and friends, “Are playstands necessary”? Are they worth the money? Are they stable enough and made to last for years? Well I finally get to answer all of those questions, and more. Come along with me into my reality, and see for yourself how incredibly amazing the playstands can be.

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Natural Waldorf Play ~ Waldorf Playstands

 I was a little nervous at first to let my husband know what he was going to be doing one Sunday afternoon, because my husband is not even close to being handy. 🙂 But here’s the thing, David Smalley genius behind Elves & Angels must of known that some of us are visual learners because he actually sends a disc to watch each easy step being done. My husband was in heaven and he had the playstands put together in a quick 20 minutes. Afterwards he commented on how he could tell David really takes pride in every toy he makes and how amazing he thought the company was. All that from the video, I was impressed and ready for play.
Waldorf, Natural Handmade Toys, Imaginary play, Waldorf Dolls, Playsilks, Kids spaces, Waldorf Playstands, Playroom, homeschool, www.naturalbeachliving.com
Not only are the playstands beautiful, they are large enough for several kids at various different ages to be able to play. You can tell they are made from the top of the line materials, smooth finishing and extremely sturdy. I also am a huge fan of the extra shelving, it gives so many extra ways to play, and they can easily be added or taken off in minutes. Playstands can be played with in a million different ways from our dolly market, to puppet shows, kitchen, house, farm, the possibilities are endless.
 I am cherishing all of these special moments.
Waldorf play
Why am I such a HUGE FAN of Elves & Angels?  I love their story!  They are a homeschooling family with twelve children that I admire. Because they are a small business that believes children should be surrounded with beautiful handcrafted toys. Because their customer service is impeccable, and I truly believe in good customer service. Because after 24 years David still loves what he does, and is determined to create the very highest quality wooden toys available. Those are just a few things that keep me coming back time and time again 🙂 If you are looking for “Heirloom Quality Toys” look no further, Elves & Angels is at the very top of the list.
Being able to have and enjoy these Waldorf playstands with the children is truly special. The children always have an invitation to play anything they can imagine.

Just in case you are curious about a few of the other toys pictured I’m listing them below:
Lovely Northern white pine Stable is Sam’s Stable
Beautiful handcrafted kitchen shown above is Julianna’s Kitchen 
Sweet natural wooden Cradle in the top picture with the Waldorf dolls is from The Toymakers Daughter
Waldorf Dolls are from several different gifted dolly makers. (not all ours)
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Elves & Angels Waldorf Playstands are even more Amazing in person.
 Totally worth every penny!