An Early Spring Day

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The 1st day of spring came and went already, and as the children and I search for signs I am reminded of how beautiful the world around us is.  
As you get a peek inside our afternoon, 
I’ll leave you with this quote from Maria Montessori 
“It is not enough for the teacher to love the child. She must first love and understand the universe. She must prepare herself, and truly work at it.”
Perfect for the springtime nature table

Use shells to group together numbers, (5 shells in each of the 7 piles makes 35 shells), I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of all the shells. The first thing we did when we got to the beach was run around and collect a bucketful of shells. 
We have been waiting for awhile to come and see the seagull’s, now we can add them to our bird study. We love to watch and learn about different birds and enjoy using Montessori cards from  Montessori print shop and we also have gotten several different sets from here.

A perfect area of sand for letter tracing and writing, of course If you don’t have the beach to work at, a tray will work just fine. (smile)
Another souvenir for the nature table 
We performed several science experiments with some of our treasures,

 A sea shell discovery box, I just love when the kids can’t wait to explore. 
Remember Free Discovery, Observation, and Classifying objects are important skills for children so they can begin to establish order in their world. 

I set up a springtime play tray, complete with friends, birds, a bunny, a tree, toys, flowers, rocks, and more. All you need is a child with a great imagination. 
“The child should live in an environment of beauty.”
-Maria Montessori
I hope you enjoyed our first day of spring, come back and visit soon we love having you. 
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