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Apologia Anatomy and Physiology Science

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If you have been following my blog, you know that as a family we have spent the past year living and loving nature studies. We have also spent time learning the phases of the moon, in preparation for a big Solar System unit. So with all that said, we only dabbled in Anatomy this year. We spent a little bit of time the past few months learning about how our bodies work.  Here is a small peek at how much the boys learned with the  Apologia Anatomy and Physiology Science.  (This page does contain affiliate links) 
Cells… What a fun activity to go along with all the learning. I wrote about our week of cells here. I included links to blogs that I used for their great ideas and free printables. 

Dem Bones, Dem Bones

Dem Dancing bones (smile). The kids laughed for an hour while listening and dancing to The Skeleton Dance on You Tube.

The boys put together the life size skeleton puzzle. If you are interested in free online resources visit Spell outloud. She has a lot of great information and ideas that she did with her Anatomy co-op.

This skeleton puzzle was a great find from the $1.00 section in Target. Love it!!

Here is Blakey testing out his strength by attempting to break a chicken bone in half.

Ahhhhhhhhh look at what’s inside our bones, curious? Check this link out to see.

Blakey wouldn’t go near the open/broken bone. He found it completely disgusting. I’m guessing he probably won’t be a doctor. Blazey really thought the whole experiment was interesting and wanted to learn more. 

The breaking of a wishbone…

I love seeing the boys work together on another great science experiment. 
One of the boys favorite books to look at and read was The Amazing pop up body in a book.

 The boys also really enjoyed these coloring/activity books for extra fun and learning.

I hope you can see how much we have been enjoying Apologia Anatomy and Physiology, We have only begun and it already opened up the boys eyes to see how miraculous our bodies really are.

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