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Easy Ways to Use Montessori Language Arts

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I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how important language arts is. You feel the same way I do and want your children to be able to speak and read clearly. The thing is it doesn’t have to be hard and scary to teach. Language arts is simply making sure your children can communicate ideas through language and they have been doing that on their own since they were newborns.

Today as part of the 12 months of Montessori Series I’m sharing Easy Ways to Use Montessori Language Arts in your home.

Montessori Language Arts

Easy Ways to Use Montessori Language Arts, 3 part Cards, Hands on learning, Printables, Montessori Activities, Pre-Reading & Writing skills, Early Language

Easy Ways to Incorporate Montessori Language Arts

Montessori language arts starts with concrete learning and moves on to abstract in the later years. Using Hands on materials makes it easier for children to understand and grasp everything easier.


Activities and Ideas for Pre-reading and Writing in the Early Years

Click on the links for examples

Object to Object Matching

Object to Picture Matching

Nomenclature Cards

3 Period Lessons

Story Sequencing (fall story sequence cards coming out this week) Sign up here to get weekly freebies emailed to you.


Montessori Language Arts Continues

Sandpaper Letters
DIY Montessori Movable Alphabet
Montessori Movable Alphabet, Language Arts, Preschool, Toddler, Montessori Materials, Kids activities, Free Printables, phonics www.naturalbeachliving.com

Word Building

Montessori Farm Activities ~ Farm Theme Unit Study



We love All About Reading! Your child will learn 5 different reading skills and these skills will lay the foundation for reading success. Although not 100% Montessori All About Reading uses a great Multi-sensory approach.

aar level 1

All of these ideas and activities can be easily incorporated into your homeschooling. Don’t worry about doing all of them, start with one thing at a time and build on it. 

Most importantly read to your children and allow them to enjoy books every day. Language development happens by being spoken to and allowing your child freedom to speak, write, and play freely.

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