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Elementary Art for Kids with ARTistic Pursuits (review)

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I have had my eye on ARTistic Pursuits Inc. for over a year and was so excited that this year we were going to add it to our homeschooling plans. I have always heard great things about it and really thought it would be perfect for my boys. I decided to start with ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Early Elementary K-3 Book One, because I like to include everyone into our homeschool art lessons and thought it would be a lot of fun. Elementary art here we come…

Elementary Art for Kids with Artistic Pursuits Inc., 36 lessons of art curriculum for early elementary, perfect for homeschooling, multi-age learning

 Elementary Art for Kids

ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

This art curriculum had me excited right when I opened it for the ease of use and easy open and teach book. I absolutely loved the pictures and the boxes that tell you what the lesson is teaching and helpful parent notes. For me as their mom and teacher it gave me added confidence and the skills to share with them.

art curriculum

ARTistic Pursuits offers curriculum for Preschool through High School making it easy for you to find an art curriculum that works for your children.

We have spent the past several weeks enjoying the curriculum and are currently on lesson 9.

art curriculum

In this book Early Elementary K-3 Book One it offers 36 lessons with projects. It was designed to involve the student in the creative process and it truly works. My boys were really interested as we went through the lessons and got to see master works of art.

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review
 This book takes you through What Artists Do, What Artists See, and Where We Find Art. It gives you a materials list at the very beginning so you can be prepared. This was great for me. I actually made a copy of the list, scratched out what we already had and highlighted what we needed then I headed to Michaels. ARTistic Pursuits actually sells wonderful art supply packs for each book which makes it very easy for you to get a complete art curriculum without even leaving your house. I love that! The only reason I didn’t go with the art supply pack was because I had purchased several things at the beginning of the year and only needed a few items. I did want to share the option with you though, because it really is great.

art curriculum

Personally, we do art lessons 2 times a week. They have the option to use the art materials anytime they want, but I feel like a couple of art lessons a week is perfect for our schedule. It also gives us the option to take weeks off anytime there is a holiday or we just need a school break.


In this lesson that I have shared here they were taught about drawing in color with oil pastels. They observed and talked about the painting Suido Bridge and Surugadai. The lesson was to explore underwater subjects (we used Safari toob sea life) and use that as inspiration for their art. It was a lot of fun to watch them and see how proud they are of their art.

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review

 Their Masterpieces from this week. art curriculum


Would I recommend Artistic Pursuits

Definitely! It’s the perfect art curriculum for every homeschooler. It has so much to offer and personally I think the price is well worth it. Especially since you can use this curriculum for a multi-age group.


ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review


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