20+ First Date Ideas That Will Impress Your Crush

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Coming up with first date ideas can be a bit challenging, but it’s also an opportunity to get creative and break the ice. You can keep it simple and stick with the traditional coffee meet-up or take the opportunity to think outside the box and come up with an irresistible date night idea. 

Don’t miss these favorite cute date night ideas to break the ice and make your first date one to remember. Plus find over 100 First Date Ideas and Date Ideas for anyone at any dateable age

First Date Ideas

I’ll help you get started with cute date ideas and helpful printables that make planning your first date super easy. Keep reading to discover my favorite first date ideas, get tips for what to do on date night to make it a success, and more.

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What’s a Good Idea for a First Date?

A first date can be notoriously hard to plan. Since you’re just getting to know each other, it’s not always easy to think of date ideas you’ll both enjoy. I’ve got you covered with some of my favorite date night ideas.

These cute date ideas are perfect for the very first date whether you’re new to dating or jumping back into the dating scene.

Date Night Ideas

Here are a few favorites:

Local Farmer’s Market

Visiting a local farmer’s market together is a fun first date idea just about anyone can get into. There will be plenty to talk about as you explore all the local wares. Plus, you can even find some delicious snacks to enjoy.

Have a Picnic

After the farmer’s market, a picnic just seems like the logical next step. If you’re not interested in doing both, pack your own picnic and take your date to the park for an old-school first date you’ll both like. Don’t forget to bring along a picnic blanket.

Check out the Local Arcade

Who doesn’t have fun playing games in the arcade?  This cute date idea is a great opportunity to get to know each other over a game of Skee Ball, win some tickets, and have fun choosing prizes together. This nostalgic indoor date idea is definitely a winner!

Listen to Live Music

For this date night idea, you’ll need to do some quick research. There are sure to be some local bands playing in your area this weekend. Find some live music you’ll both enjoy and have fun listening to a local concert on your first date. 

Take a Class

There’s a lot to learn! Taking a class together is a fun date night idea where you can both learn something new. Plus, the structure of a class takes the pressure off those awkward first date moments. 

Try a cooking class, art class, or whatever sounds interesting. You can find a class for just about anything these days! 

Play Laser Tag

Grab your sneakers and get ready for laser tag! This first date idea is great exercise and a lot of fun too. Laser tag is easy enough for just about anyone to participate in and perfect for some friendly competition on date night.

Take Dancing Lessons

Are you a good dancer? Taking some dancing lessons together can be a fun first date idea. Even if you can already dance, exploring a new type of dance like salsa or ballroom dancing is a great way to break the ice and have fun together on date night.

Go to a Carnival, Fair, or Boardwalk

A trip to the carnival is a classic date night idea and there’s a reason it’s a big favorite. Between the deep-fried Oreos, cotton candy, thrill rides, the Ferris wheel, and carnival games, you’ll get lots of opportunities to get to know one another. Plus, you’ll both have fun exploring the carnival together on date night.

Date Ideas

Personally, we also love things like Trivia night or board games, you can find out how smart or not smart they are and whether they have a sense of humor and enjoy games.

Going on a bike ride is so enjoyable and can be relaxing too. You can bike to a local ice cream shop or head there after your bike ride.

Don’t miss these favorite cute date night ideas to break the ice and make your first date one to remember. Plus find over 100 First Date Ideas and Date Ideas for anyone at any dateable age

Do This on a First Date

On date night, we really want to make a positive impression on the one we’re with and charm them with our best qualities. Do these things on a date night and you’ll definitely be in the running for a second date.

Win at Listening

Few things are better than having someone really listen to you. Make sure you’re listening by giving eye contact and asking questions.

Balance the Conversation

Keep your date night conversations balanced. Ask questions, let your date talk about themselves, and sprinkle in facts about yourself too.

Don’t Vent

Be careful about complaining too much or venting about your frustrations. It can come off really negatively on a first date. However, avoid the impulse to whitewash your life and make it sound perfect.

Avoid Touchy Subjects

There are some things we just shouldn’t talk about on a first date. Try to avoid touchy subjects like politics and religion on a first date. You’ll also want to avoid going into much detail about past relationships.


Remember to breathe when you’re feeling nervous. You don’t want the most memorable part of your evening to be being stressed out and anxious. Plus, relaxing a bit makes you appear calm and confident on your date.

Make Your First Date Feel Special

Have you ever been on a date where you can’t really remember what your date said, but you remember how they made you feel? You can make your first date feel special by really listening and being fully present.

Ask For What You Want

First dates aren’t a good time to play games. Be honest about what you want. If you’d like a second date, let the other person know instead of just dropping subtle hints.

Have Fun

The best thing to do on a first date to make it successful is to just have fun. Whether you’re taking up residence in a local cafe or trying something more adventurous for your first date, be sure to have fun and your date night memories will be good.

Cute Date Ideas to Try Together

If you love these memorable date night ideas, you’ll definitely want to try some of my other cute date ideas when you’ve moved past the first date ideas.

Here are some favorite date ideas and easy printables to help you plan a date night to remember:

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Did I forget to mention your favorite first date idea?

Tell me all about your most memorable first date night idea in the comments. I can’t wait to read them and maybe even try some of your great first dates with my significant other too!