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Iesodo: Joy The Perfect Family Movie for Christmas

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We love family movie nights. It is a time when we can all relax together, cuddle, hang out and enjoy time as a family. The question is what does a family watch together that everyone can enjoy. Several months ago we learned about Iesodo, these movies are based on the Best Selling Book of All Time. Bringing your favorite New Testament stories to life in a fun new way. With a wise dove(Iesodo) leading the way, his friends always choose the right path. These movies are simply perfect.


This week we had the privilege to watch JOY and I can honestly say the characters in the movie are great, the music is absolutely wonderful, and the stories keep everyone excited for more. This is a movie that everyone at any age can enjoy. Of course our favorite character is Iesodo. The children thought it was awesome watching the Nativity story come to life with a special tree, and the exciting story of Iesodo’s birth. Plus I love the Christmas Sing-a-long. Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!

You can purchase a copy of JOY by clicking here.Β 


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My kids have also been enjoying the Iesodo website. It is filled with songs, games, and fun activities. Check it out, I am sure you will be thrilled with the wonderful stories they have to offer.

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Iesodo Joy was given to us for an honest review and we honestly Love it!Β