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Infant Sensory Bottles

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I have really been enjoying these baby days again. I’m taking advantage of  late night feedings, for quiet cuddle times, and 1 on 1 baby book time when everyone else in the house is asleep. As the months are flying by (5 already) I have found myself thinking of new ways to help stimulate Baby Bell’s mind and senses. Today after taking a quick peak into the craft cabinet I pulled out a few things to make Baby Bell 4 new Sensory bottles.

I started with 4 empty water bottles, then I filled one with the gold shiny paper used for gifts and baskets.
 one with pipe cleaners and water, another with primary colored pom poms (blue, red, yellow), and lastly I put a handful of jingle bells into a bottle. Then I introduced them one at a time. 
she looked
she tasted
She inspected
She reached out for the bottle
She shook the bottle with bells
She kept shaking it
She shook it so hard it flew out of her hands. 
What fun we’ve been having with Sensory bottles lately. Baby Bell’s favorites so far are the bells and the gold shiny paper.  Sensory bottles can be for all ages of children, my 4 year old has been enjoying these as well, in fact every time I go to get one for Baby Bell it’s in a different spot. Little B’s favorite is definitely the pom pom balls. 
 I hope you can enjoy sensory bottles with your little one too. 
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