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Katy and The Big Snow (FIAR)

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Katy and The Big Snow was so much fun to read and explore this week. With snow falling outside, the kids were excited to see how many inches/feet we were going to get. Of course we didn’t get five feet like “Geopolis” did, but it was still a lot of fun.
The boys measured lots of things and built their own town. Plus when the snow cleared we drove around and visited some of the places Katy would have cleared a path for in our small town. Come along and see our take on Katy and the Big Snow.


Lots of measuring was done around the house.
Studied a map of our neighborhood.
The boys worked on learning street signs

   The boys built “Geopolis” 



    Making Yummy Snowball cookies 


I love seeing team work in the kitchen.



They were delicious

                               Around The Town

I was able to get a map of our community so the boys could see what it looked like in a map form.  This was neat to see exactly where we live and all the roads and places we visit regularly.


The Library is always a great place to go, The boys really enjoy spending time there.


Neighborhood Post Office
We can’t get around town with out having a gas station.


I have to say it was another great week here with a great book. We really enjoyed Katy and the Big Snow and all that it offered us. From measuring snowballs, to traveling around our town, we had a great week of learning. I hope you have time to explore a book or two this week.

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