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The Best Way to Keep Family Traditions Going Year After Year

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As a parent I’m sure you want your children to have happy childhood memories. I think we all want that for our children. So today I’m going to share the best way to keep family traditions going year after year. It’s simple and fun plus your kids are going to love it.

Family Traditions

The Best Way to Keep Family Traditions Going Year After Year

A tradition is something handed down generation after generation. A recipe, a saying, a piece of jewelry, whatever it is it always means a lot to your family. If you take a few minutes and think about your own childhood or ask your friends about their childhood, you’ll quickly realize it’s not the elaborate presents for Christmas that mattered. It’s the little things that make a huge impact. When I was young we spent countless hours making food together in the kitchen.

My family loved to entertain and when we weren’t having company, we always enjoyed family meals together. Sitting around the table talking and laughing about our day.

My dad would most likely be cracking jokes and trying to get the dog to join us at the table. Family meals were truly a gift of quality time and memories that now I’m sharing with my own children.

Cooking with Kids

You can start by spending time in the kitchen preparing meals as a family. Most children love to get in the kitchen and cook, so why not let them. Plus, you are sharing great practical life skills with them too. Sitting down for dinner and eating a delicious meal that your children helped make is an amazing feeling. That is why today we are sharing a delicious and easy to make recipe that your kids will love to help with.

Fruity Shrimp & Rice


Fruity Shrimp & Rice Recipe: 1 package UNCLE BEN’S Jasmine Ready Rice (you can substitute any UNCLE BEN’S Microwavable Rice) 1 green onion, chopped 1/2 cup grapes, chopped 1 orange, peeled and segmented 1/2 cup frozen peas 1 cup water 1 Tablespoon soy sauce 2 Tablespoon tropical fruit juice (we used mango, but pineapple or orange would substitute well) 1 cup cooked shrimp, optional Salt and pepper, to taste, optional

Instructions: 1. Place the frozen peas and water in a microwave-friendly dish and heat for two minutes. Let stand before removing from the microwave and carefully draining. 2. Read the directions on the back of your package of UNCLE BEN’S Jasmine Ready Rice. Ours encouraged us to break up the rice before opening the top and placing in the microwave for 2 minutes. 3. While the rice was cooking, we chopped our grapes, oranges, and green onions. We placed all of the chopped fruit and vegetables in a large bowl and added in the cooked peas. 4. Once the rice was ready and slightly cooled, we poured it into the bowl with the fruits and vegetables and gave it a good stir. 5. We added soy sauce and mango juice in a 1:2 ratio for a delicious dressing. You could also add salt and pepper, but we try to avoid that with the kids. 6. Spoon out the individual servings and then garnish with shrimp, if desired.

A few ideas for good times in the kitchen is to laugh, have fun, talk, play music. Make it a time to enjoy and they will remember it forever.

The Importance of Traditions:

Sharing traditions with your kids help them to feel valued and connected.

They offer a sense of security and teach values.

They also strengthen your family bond, which gets to be really important in those teenage years and beyond.

The best way to keep family traditions going year after year is spending quality time together. If food is involved it’s even better. 

What do you enjoy cooking with your kids?

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