Library Gift Set — An Invitation to Play

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I am a big fan of the library and thankfully so are my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I can spend hours in the book store too, but the library is a special place to us. 
We visit the library on a weekly basis to browse the shelves, use the computer, and take classes. 
So a library gift set seemed like the perfect gift to put together for my boys. 
Little B loves to play library at home, he stacks all of the books up high. Then we spread them out and enjoy reading them together.
Well, I know now everything is done with a computer and scanner, but when I was growing up we had call numbers and cards that got stamped when we checked books out. Wow, that makes me sound really old. hehe!  
I decided that was exactly how I would put together a Library set for the kids. 
I purchased a basket full of books. If buying new isn’t an option you can check out a thrift store, library sale, or a used book store for great deals. I also bought a pack of library card poucheslibrary cards, and a date stamper. I decided not to glue the pouches into our books, so that they can reuse them, but this is totally up to you. You could have a specific basket of books for library play that you bring out. 
What is the last thing our library needed? A sign, of course. I made the sign you see in the picture above, on the computer, added a few stickers and then laminated it. Viola!!! Gift set ready.
O, I can see it already, we’ll be playing library everyday.

If you are interested in some of the books that you see here they are:
The Mouse series by Ellen Stoll Walsh
God Can You Hear Me
Pebble a story about belonging
A Pocketful of Kisses
I Love You As Much
Owen and Mzee
The Knot Fairy
Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne

I hope this helps you, when you are trying to think of a creative gift for your children.
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