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Valentine’s Day Minecraft Printables Free – Kindness Cards

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My kids are Minecraft obsessed and I know they aren’t the only ones. In fact, if you clicked on this page your kids must love Minecraft too. I mean who doesn’t love Stampy’s laugh and building cool castles with stone brick. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about ask your kids 😉  These kindness inspired Minecraft Printables free ideas will be perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day you want to make a friend smile.

Valentine Minecraft Cards

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Valentine’s Day Minecraft Printables Free – Kindness Cards

A couple of months ago we shared 101 of the Best Random Acts of Kindness Ideas and it was a big hit. Kindness really is one of the keys to happiness and feeling good. So this month I wanted to not only share Valentine’s Day ideas but kindness cards as well.

In fact, as homeschoolers, we really don’t give out Valentine’s cards, but a friendship card can be used all year. So whether your kids drop it in their friend’s mailbox, surprise a friend with one, or use them for Valentine’s Day these Minecraft printables will be a big hit.

If you’d like to add a small gift, check out these cool Minecraft paper crafts or Minecraft animals. Kids will love these.

My boys love playing Minecraft and having a safe place to play and the option of fun classes is awesome. Check out SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft Server for homeschoolers.

Download your free printables below

Minecraft Printables Free Kindness Cards

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