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My Beloved and My Friend (Book Review)

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You know that excitement that you get when you see a new book written by an Author that you already love? Well that is how I felt when I found out Hal and Melanie Young authors of a fabulous book called Raising Real Men had done it again.
 My Beloved and My Friend, How To Be Married To Your Best Friend Without Changing Spouses is due out in February, but I was lucky enough to read it early and share it with you. 

This book was hard to put down, I have pages dog eared, I have highlighted sections that I want to return to and I’ve shared several great passages with my husband. I love how Hal and Melanie Young shared their private life and the struggles that they have gone through. I felt like I was a special friend that they were confiding in and in return I was learning so much about myself. This book showed me the wife that I was when I got married, the wife that I am now, and the wife that I strive to be.

It’s always wonderful when you here these stories or write ups of people telling you, that they have the perfect life, and that they have always been married to their best friend but I’m not going to tell you that story. In fact I’m here to say that after 20 years of marriage we have had sweet bliss and major wrecking balls. Am I married to my best friend? Why, yes I am. But we work on it everyday. This book opened my eyes to so many more things that we can do. In fact, I ended up getting so much out of this book, my hubby has started reading it. Woohoo!!

I love the part in Chapter 5 on Fidelity and Loyalty when they say to Practice love. “If you are each putting the other one ahead of themselves, you will both be tenderly cared for and loved. That’s irresistible. It makes for a marriage that is a haven from the rest of the world- a place of happiness and joy.” That sounds fabulous to me.

This book is a quick read, 250 pages filled with wonderful insight.
Thank you Hal and Melanie Young for doing it again.

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Disclosure of Material: I received “My Beloved and My Friend” in exchange for a review on my blog as part of the Bow of Bronze Launch Team. I was not required to give a positive review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CRF Part 255: “Guides concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”