Organizing a Free Artist Study for your Children

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As a homeschooling mom living on one pretty small income, I am always looking for great deals. Those of you that have been around this blog for awhile might have already seen some of my posts on where I get most of my freebie packs for the kids schooling, If you haven’t then stick around for awhile so you to can get tips and tricks on schooling children for very little.

To start off I am a BIG fan of COAH otherwise known as Confessions of a Homeschooler. I really like the curriculum that she puts out. She offers everything at great prices and it is great quality work. I have used several of her lessons already and am always excited when she puts out something new. So when I saw she had a new Artist study out, I immediately got busy, downloading and printing. You can still get The World’s Greatest Artists 1 for free right now, if you missed out on 2. Speaking of that, If you haven’t liked my Facebook page yet, please do, I often post freebies on my page each week. 
Okay, back to organizing. So if you’re like me, you get so excited over free curriculum, you end up with tons of stuff and one big pile to organize. Here is a great easy way to organize for a whole year long Artist study, all you need is a 1 in. binder, a few page protectors and a pack of dividers. It’s that easy. 
Now to start off I always put the lapbooking instructions and reference pages in the front pocket. The Table of Contents I whole punch and that is now the first page in the binder. below is a picture of my notebook.

 Then I suggest separating out each artist in order so everything is together. Once you have done that hole punch everything EXCEPT the lapbooking pages. Then use your dividers so that each artist has his own section. I place my lapbooking pages inside a page protector, one page protector for each artist. The picture below shows you the pages I placed into a page protector for Norman Rockwell.

Now if you plan on doing the lapbooks and sticking with COAH curriculum strictly, you are done organizing and now you have a years worth of artist to study, Woohoo!! 
You will probably want to have a few art supplies on hand and make sure to reserve the Mike Venezia Books from the library or you can purchase them through Amazon. I have used several of these books in the past and they are all wonderful.  
If you follow more of a Charlotte Mason philosophy to homeschooling you could laminate the Artist pictures to use for a picture study, and then store them in a page protector so everything stays together and organized. 
I hope this helps you see how easy and inexpensive it can be to learn about and enjoy Artists. I also suggest checking out a Museum or two if you have any in your area. What a great field trip that would make.   
(I do not get compensated in any way from Confessions of a Homeschooler, I just enjoy her curriculum, and love to share freebies)

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