Our butterfly experience comes to an end

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Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.
-William Wordsworth
If you haven’t had a chance to see part 1 of Our butterfly experience, I would definitely check it out. You get a chance to see our nature table, how we explore the life cycle, and even the littlest one has a butterfly treasure basket to play with. 

 A sweet and simple painting of the Monarch Butterfly, that can be enjoyed at any age. 
This art activity can be found at learn, create, love.

Time to say goodbye
We waited for you, we watched you grow, we took care of you, we fed you, and kept you safe, now you must spread your wings and fly.

The last butterfly to leave home.
Goodbye butterflies, goodbye, the children called out until the butterflies flew out of sight.
A butterfly experience part 1 can be seen here
I have several other butterfly activities on my Pinterest board here if you are interested.
No matter how many times we study butterflies, it never gets old. I highly recommend Insect Lore Butterfly Gardenfor the best butterfly experience.