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Our Homeschool Room for 2013-2014

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 We are finally hitting the “I feel ready to start stage” I have purchased books and curriculum I needed, organized everything, and revamped our homeschool room for the year. I’m feeling really good and the kids seem refreshed and ready. Usually we are year rounders however, this year we have had so many visitors that it’s been hard to hold to a schedule. We’ve enjoyed the beach and the time off but now it’s time to get down to business. If you want to check out our homeschool room today click here.

Our Homeschool Room 2013-2014

One of our favorite new changes to the room is our comfy new reading corner. This is a crib mattress with a chamois sheetpillow petsBunnies by the bay blanket and buddies, baby gund floor animal, an anytime chair from Pottery barn kids, and of course lot’s of books. Those cute little owl stickers can be found here if you are interested.



We LOVE our EverEarth Farmer’s Market. We’ve had it for a few years and it’s played with all the time. I don’t think the room would feel the same without it. Behind it I have a 3 drawer plastic container labeled with extra food, pots, napkins/placemats, and on top sits a Cash register with checks and money.

This is our Nature/Science area right now we are working on the Solar System.

Baby Bells shelves, I usually switch her shelves around weekly right now it’s set up with mostly shapes, stacking, and transferring activities. She has just turned 11 months.

Our Pottery barn kids table is awesome, we use it everyday for work and play.

 The boys Geography corner. We have our Little Passports World Edition maps, continents, and animals of the world posted.


Baby Bells wall complete with her hands on alphabet and mirrors. I did leave up Little B’s word wall because it looked cute and he enjoys using his pointer to point out the words during the day.

We have the animal alphabet from 1+1+1=1, I love all of Carisa’s printables and we use them a lot with our schooling.

I’ve added a cutting and writing station complete with my favorite beginner scissors, these and these. Colored Pencils, alphabet stamps, and several different paper options.


Little B’s shelf activities for the day/week. I change these around often.

One of my favorite brands is Eeboo and I use several of their products for homeschooling, these are the Counting Birds which hang above our windows.

The is what you see on the right side of the room as you are looking/walking in.

This is the view of the left side as you are looking in from the dining room. If you are wondering what is hanging from our light, that is our Solar system. With each unit study that we do we transform our room to incorporate our projects. I try to keep this room a calming yet inviting place to live, learn, and play. Enjoying a  lifestyle of learning is important to me for my family. I hope you enjoyed touring our room today, come back anytime for a visit.

Like our children have grown and changed, so has our homeschooling room. Check out how the room has transformed, by clicking on the link below.
homeschool room

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