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Preschool letter W ~ Whales and Waves

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 It has been a few weeks since I shared our alphabet learning but I assure you we’ve been keeping busy. We’ve completed W and X and have moved onto Y. YAY! Here is a peek into our preschool letter W week. Starting out with learning about Whales.

Preschool letter W ~ Whales

Coloring a Giant Whale



Baby Bell having fun with the whale.
Little B’s writing is coming along.
We have been learning all about weather recently, So I decided why not make a wind chime. So here you see Little B stringing pasta onto several strings.
It’s starting to come together.
He did a Wonderful job, and is so proud of his Wind chimes.
Speaking of Weather… It rained for four days straight so we decided to get Wet. It’s always fun to play in the rain.
Wave Jumping at the beach.
We also enjoyed eating lots of watermelon on this hot summer day.
Our favorite books for the week were

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