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  • Daily Visual Schedule Cards Bundle


    This Ultimate Daily Visual Schedule Cards Bundle will get you through the whole year.

    This Bundle of Visual Picture Cards is 54 Pages of Activities and Daily Tasks

    Helps with Weekly Schedules, to-do lists, Routines, Chores, and more

    Perfect for Classroom Management, Homeschoolers, and Parents


  • Editable Visual Schedule Cards Bundle


    Editable Visual Schedule Version – This set allows you to change the Words on each card to fit your child

    A visual schedule helps with a daily routine. Many parents and teachers of children will use a visual schedule as a means to curb meltdowns and keep the day to day life & schooling routine. You’ll get 185+ Editable Visual Schedule Cards


  • Self Care Routine Daily Visual Schedule Bundle


    Help your child gain confidence and independence with this Self-Care Routine Visual Schedule

    Benefits of Self Care Visual Cards

    • Eliminate Power Struggles

    • Routines and Daily Schedules Give Children a Sense of Security

    • Build Healthy Family Habits

    • Reinforces memory, Independence and Mental Organization 

    You can Provide Your Child with Tools to Become Responsible and Independent Adults

  • Sale!

    20 Seasons Activity Playdough Mats


    Playdough Mats have so many excellent benefits for your children.

    Squeezing and squishing the dough helps build and strengthen their hand muscles; Which will also help them with their writing and cutting skills.

    Your child can cut the dough, squeeze the dough, flatten the dough, slice the dough and best of all follow the prompt to match the playdough mat.

    You’ll get 5 Activity Playdough Mats For Each Season – 20 Playdough Mats Total 

    Your children will have the chance to make flowers, fish, marshmallows, insects and so much more.

    All of these activities will help their concentration and give them an excellent multi-sensory experience.


  • Slime Science Experiments with Slime Recipes


    Get your kids excited to learn about the scientific method behind slime through hands-on activities and experiments.


  • 65 Fine Motor Skills Activities


    These fine motor skills activities focus on motor skill development by improving the muscles in your child’s fingers and hands, strengthening hand grip, letter recognition, and developing hand-eye coordination.

    65 Pages of fun hands-on learning with a variety of Early Learning Skills and Activities

  • Practical Life Skills Sequencing Mats


    Practical Life Skills Sequencing Mats

    Life Skills mats are a great way to help children and adults practice sequencing skills.  These life skills sequencing mats will also help children to learn life skills, transition words, how to follow directions, language skills, listening skills, and how to do 18 different practical life skill tasks.


  • Nutrition Lesson Plans and Activities


    Nutrition Activities for Preschoolers, Kindergarten, and Elementary Students

    Your child will love learning about healthy eating using Nutrition Lesson Plans and activities. These activities are also perfect for a Preschool food theme.