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Gingerbread Kindergarten and Preschool Theme Lesson Plan


This Gingerbread Unit has everything you need for a week (or spread it out over a few weeks) packed full of fun ideas for December. You’ll read themed books, work on alphabet sounds, story sequencing, embark on Gingerbread STEM activities, make gingerbread recipes and so much more. (66 pages)


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Gingerbread Kindergarten & Preschool Theme Lesson Plan


Gingerbread Kindergarten & Preschool Theme Lesson Plan

The Kindergarten – Preschool weekly plans are designed with a 3-6 year old child in mind. Every activity can be used at home with one or more children or adapted for use in a classroom.

These Units are about exploring and learning while exposing children to a variety of skills and concepts.


• Academic skills:
Retelling a story, letter identification, counting/recognizing numbers, one to one correspondence, story sequencing, rhyming words, sorting by color, sorting by size, color identification, building sight words, and more

• Science and STEM

a mix of weekly activities

• Fine motor skills:
Stamping, painting, clipping, writing, cutting, building and gluing

• Gross motor skills:

Weekly mix of activities

• The week at a glance:

See all books and activities for the week on one convenient page. Plus, daily pages written out with explanations, Every week includes books, Language/Phonics, Science/STEM, Art, Fine motor activities, Gross motor activities, Math, Practical Life, Sensory, and snacks along with a few other activities you may want to try!

• Suggested Materials:
Prepping for the week is super easy with this laid out plan.

• Activity Pages:
Learning activity pages include everything you need to know to complete the activities for the week. I’ve also included pictures and recipes for a variety of activities and snacks.

• Printables:

Printable activities and materials to make weekly prep a breeze! Lots of printable options to save you from purchasing additional hands-on materials that you may not have available.

Gingerbread Kindergarten & Preschool Theme Lesson Plan