5 Reasons Why You Should Make Time for Family Meals

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Years ago when we were just starting a family, I spent hours reading over parenting books. One of the biggest takeaways for me was how important everyone said family meals are. After 20 years of marriage and five children, I totally agree. Family meal time should definitely be a part of every family. Check out these reasons why…

Family Meals

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Make Time for Family Meals, Language Development, pre-teens, quality family time and strong bonding family relationships. Get great information here.

5 Reasons why you should make time for family meals

Thinking about it now makes me smile. All of those fun times I shared with my mom, dad, brothers, and sisters around the table. I’ll always remember our Friday pizza and game nights. It was the best! What do you think about sharing family meals together? Are you running through life on the busy cycle? Or are you taking advantage of this really important time in your child’s life?

  1. Let’s start with how many incredible lessons can be shared by just having a family dinner. Teamwork, anyone in the family can help out and pitch in cooking, setting the table and cleaning the dishes. How about those wonderful practical life skills Maria Montessori taught about for many years. Those skills your child will use for the rest of their lives.


2. Children that share regular family meals have closer family relationships, feel better about themselves, and generally have a better sense of belonging.

family dinner

3. Communication: Language development and communication starts from the very beginning and every meal you spend talking with your children boosts their vocabulary. Get everyone involved in conversation no matter what your child’s ages are. Okay, I hear you… It’s really hard to fit in family meals when you have work, school, babies, sports activities, and other obligations. I get it. We live in a day when busyness seems normal for everyone, but here’s the thing… Life is better when you slow down. Seriously! I’m not saying you have to have family dinners 7 nights a week. Our favorite times have been those nights where we put in a pizza and enjoy the delicious taste and great conversation. Everyone loves pizza nights!


4. Let’s talk pre-teens and teenagers. This is a changing time in every adolescent’s life. Family meals help bring the family together and can be a great bonding time. Keep it light and keep it happy.


5. You are Setting a good example. In life, our kids are learning by watching us. Making family meals a priority with great conversation and a feeling of family unity is a wonderful example of what a family is all about.


We make it a priority to sit together several times a week for family meals and it never gets old. Turn the TV off and enjoy the conversation. These memories and gifts you are sharing with your children will last forever. You can do this!

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