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Road Trip USA part 1

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This year the boys have really enjoyed learning geography. In fact It’s definitely one of their favorite things to do each week. We are working through Road Trip USA for our curriculum, and I highly recommend it. The boys love learning about each state’s animals and adding them to our chart. They also have explored all the famous people and landmarks. As an added bonus each week we make a food that goes with the state we are working on. Here are a few of our highlights this year.

The Delaware Memorial Bridge made out of Duplo blocks and string.
The Empire State Building, using lego’s.
The Empire State Building made out of wafer cookies and icing.
Chicago’s Deep Dish Pizza
Our Earth unit can be found here.
Locating the states on the map.
This was a great Dollar Store find. It is a puzzle map, the boys put it together by themselves, then we taped it up and they colored it in.
They did an amazing job, and now it hangs in their room.
I also bought an additional map to laminate, so they can use it as a puzzle whenever they want. A great learning tool for $1.00.
If you are traveling the world, you can’t forget your passport. The boys love adding a sticker/stamp to their passports for each state and/or country they visit.
In Florida we learned all about the Kennedy Space Center.
We spent time learning about Amelia Earhart, and made our own airplanes to fly.
One of Blaze’s new favorite treats are the Ohio Buckeye’s. Peanut butter, chocolate, and sugar sounds good to him. He has made these several times now and the excitement is still there. We make these like once a year because it’s not the healthiest 😉
So that is a peek into our travels this year. What you didn’t get to see was how enthusiastic they are to learn about all the famous people that have come from each state. They have danced like Elvis and read braille like Helen Keller.
 Traveling around the world with the kids has been amazing.
 Just in case you are new to our blog, we aren’t actually traveling the world. I just try to give the children the best experience that we can without actually being there. Road Trip USA  was written by Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler. Her book was a great read too.

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