St. Patrick’s Day Play Mat

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When my oldest son was a baby I bought him a little toy called a pat mat. It probably cost me around $20.00 and was basically a small mat with water and a few fish floating around in it. He loved that mat and would play with it for an hour at a time, so naturally when I had my other boys I would always look for one. I guess they discontinued it because I haven’t seen them in years. Now that Baby Bell is 5 months old and enjoying so many new things, I try to come up with a variety of activities that don’t cost much.  It hit me how easy it would be to make my own water mat. 
So here is Baby Bell’s new water mat, I filled a gallon size Ziploc bag up 3/4 of the way with water than added a couple of drops of green food coloring. I put in a few beaded necklaces and a handful of shiny coins inside. I did put a strip of Duck Tape around the edge that has the zipper closure, just in case the bag leaked. That’s it so easy. 

Baby Bell loves her new water play mat. 
Even the older boys and our dog were interested in the mat. This was such a big hit at our house I plan on making a few more of these mats with different things inside. I love how easy free activities can entertain the little ones and help them learn. I hope this gives you ideas on how you can save $20.00 and just make your own. (smile)
Parents Supervision Required (for babies any water play or activity with a bag should be over seen) 

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