Supporting Your Child with Special Needs

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Supporting Your Child 

Support is such an interesting thing to talk about… I mean what mom couldn’t use some support once in a while? But if you are parenting a child that has special needs support can be a HUGE help. Support for yourself and learning how to support your child.

These few tips could mean the difference between curling up in the fetal position on your bed or enjoying the life that you have.

Special Needs Support

Supporting Your Child with Special Needs, Ways to support moms, re-energize, special needs resources, Easy Ways to Feel Better during the day, Mom Support

Supporting Your Child with Special Needs

If you are new to this, just found out your child has special needs, think your child should be evaluated or your just interested in learning more Google support for special needs in your state. Or head here for help and state resources.  

It’s important to learn about what types of support are offered in your area. You might find a few helpful groups that will make your life easier and give you the peace of mind you need to sleep at night.

A friend of mine has a son that has non-verbal autism, is a runner, biter, has had a lot of medical issues since birth and these state groups have helped her in so many ways. Offering support, helping with housing when her son was hospitalized, and even raising money for special equipment.

For my family, we don’t feel that is necessary for us at this time, but we spend our days homeschooling and working with meeting our children’s needs at home.

Ways to Support your child will be different for each family depending on your child’s special needs. A big part of supporting your child is learning about his differences and embracing them.  

Give your child the time that they need

Offer things to your child that will help calm his fear and do it together (Stop as soon as they say stop)

Have a Code Word that your child can say to express his feeling to you. One word that they can use and you will understand what they need.

Don’t make your child do things that cause distress. 

Be respectful of your child’s needs (educating yourself on your child’s disorder will help you understand those needs).

I shared a lot of information on How We Homeschool Our Child with Special Needs here.

How are you supporting your child each day?

Supporting Yourself and Your Child with Special Needs

Supporting Your Child with Special Needs, Ways to support moms, re-energize, special needs resources, Easy Ways to Feel Better during the day, Mom Support

Maybe you are thinking you don’t need groups to get together with but would love to just have someone to talk to that’s going through similar things.

I say look to Facebook groups. I know it might sound a little nuts, but I’ve met some wonderful ladies online that I definitely consider true friends now. In fact, I started a group about a year ago for moms you can join us by clicking here.  

Easy Ways to Refresh Yourself 

When your husband gets home from work take a quiet walk by yourself

Take 10 minutes to read a book or magazine with a cup of tea

Sit outside by yourself for 10 minutes of alone time to re-energize

Have a date night

Turn on some music and dance (who cares if someone is watching)

Diffuse essential oils for your mood


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