The Great Winter Bird Study

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I’ve always loved nature, but never gave it much thought when it came to the boys schooling, that is until I started realizing so many of the great styles of learning for example Charlotte Mason and Montessori really incorporate nature studies into a lifestyle of learning. For months now I have enjoyed blogs like Handbook of Nature Study and Wildflowers and Marbles, they have given me so much inspiration and shown me how I can use what my family already loves and turn it into our nature study. This is just a glimpse into our study on birds.

One of our all time favorites is the Blue jay

It’s always a fun sight when the Morning Dove comes around.
Blakey loves bird watching from our nature center.
One of Blazey’s favorite things is to research in books and online all about the different birds we are seeing and he’s learning bird calls, and songs too. 
The Red Bellied Woodpecker
The boys get so excited when they get to see a woodpecker, they really enjoy listening to them as well.

Downy Woodpecker

The boys are on a feather hunt.

A beautiful Robin
We spend a lot of time looking at The Cornell Lab Bird Cams and researching all about the different birds in our area here.
We also spent time this winter participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count, you can sign up and/or get information here. This was a huge hit, the kids really enjoyed seeing other people in the area participating and  graphing out all the birds we saw in our backyard. 
I printed out free notebooking pages here and here. Plus the boys really enjoyed using Montessori cards I found for free here.
If you plan on having a bird study or even a small unit study, you might want to check out my Pinterest board I have a lot of ideas and links to more freebies.
We have enjoyed seeing and learning about, Blue jay’s, Chickadee’s, Cardinal’s, Wren’s, Titmouse’s, Woodpecker’s, Mockingbirds, Dove’s, and so many more. Come back and visit us soon to get a look at our homemade bird feeders. 

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