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The Perfect Winter Nature Table for Toddlers

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O how we love our nature tables here at Natural Beach Living. If you haven’t had the chance to look at a few, please check them out here. This week I decided to put together a table for my daughter. Although I feel children of all ages can enjoy this table, I catered it to the younger group by making sure everything could be handled by a baby and toddler. Since toddlers have the tendency to put things in their mouths, I wanted to be careful everything was safe and clean. So here is our sweet toddler friendly winter nature table.
Waldorf Inspired Winter Nature Table for toddlers, hands on learning, sensory and nature

Toddler Friendly Winter Nature Table

Waldorf Inspired Winter Nature Table for toddlers, hands on learning, sensory and nature
A child can learn so much from a nature table. It is a multisensory experience, being able to see, touch and especially feel the natural items. These little Puddlefoot drizzles are made of natural materials and are in the shapes of stars, clouds, and the moon. My daughter has been loving these up ever since we got them. I added a large Amethyst Stone to our table this month. Amethyst stones are associated with February and was the stone of St. Valentine. Known for faithful love, it is believed by some that it carries the energy of  fire, passion, creativity, and spirituality.
 You always have to have a few nature books on your shelves, so for this table I choose Wonders of Nature Little Golden Book. To go along with it, a winter bowl of clean pine cones, and a cleaned off branch. I also posted a little sign that reads This is Winter. Great for visual recognition of words. Sitting on a white play silk, you’ll probably notice one of my favorite nature felted pieces. Mother Winter and baby, made by Lavender and Ladybugs .
I love anything natural and handmade, put the two together and it’s perfection.
Let’s not forget about the beauty of the living things outside. Whether it is the winter trees, the birds, critters, or something else. Spend the time watching out the window with your toddlers. It’s so wonderful to see the excitement in your child’s eyes as they watch and explore nature.
The wonderful cards that I have displayed are the Winter Toddler Montessori cards from Free Spirit Kids. They can be seen in depth here.
I hope you enjoyed our perfect winter nature table for toddlers. If you have a winter nature table I would love to see pictures or hear about it. Visit me on Facebook.