The Ultimate Guide for Natural Baby Essentials

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This guide is a place for you to come and find an array of products that will help you on your pregnancy and parenting journey. I filled it with my favorite natural, organic items. Things that got me through the tough times, items that helped bring calm and comfort to the family, and gifts to treasure forever. This is just the beginning of the Natural Baby: Essential Guide for Pregnancy, Baby, and Beyond.

The Ultimate guide to natural baby products for pregnancy and baby, gift ideas, creams, books, peaceful parenting, eco friendly & more www.naturalbeachliving.com

Eco-Friendly Natural Parenting

*Journal through your pregnancy and baby’s beginning with a baby book. It is so nice to have a book to go back to and remember all the little things.

*The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding has to be the best book ever written for a pregnant momma. It is filled with wonderful advice, tips, and support to get you through the beginning and keep you loving every minute of it.

*Belly Cream while you’re pregnant, you will be thanking me for years to come. Earth Mama Angel Baby natural stretch oil and Natural Nipple Butter. Believe me, you’ll be sending thank you cards for this suggestion. It is also cruelty-free and certified vegan.


*Our favorite store bought Baby lotion is Shea Moisture Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan oil with Frankincense & Myrrh. Perfect for Calming and Comfort. In fact, we love all of the Shea Moisture products another favorite is Shea Moisture Organic Baby Lotion with carrot oil and Shea butter. Buying these products you can also be happy knowing they are part of the Fair Trade Market and it’s made in the USA.

*Diapers are a must, and there are so many choices. What do we like… Bumgenius Organic Cloth all in one snap closure.

*Carrying your baby is a wonderful way to increase bonding and comfort for your baby. My favorite carriers are Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier and the Maya Wrap Baby Sling.

*If you are looking for that special doll for your baby to love and cuddle  Dragonfly’s Hollow Waldorf Dolls are made with all natural materials and are sweet as can be. These special dolls are handmade and one of a kind. Perfect for every boy and girl.


*Elves & Angels are the perfect place to shop for your natural handmade toys.  They have so much to offer. Check out their website here.
*Last but definitely not least, make sure you have a good camera. These moments only come once, you want to snap them when you can.
The Canon EOS Rebel Camera is my favorite. This camera takes amazing pictures that you will treasure forever.
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