Top Ten Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Husband when he can’t be with you.

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’ve been thinking of lot’s of different ways to keep my husband involved. My husband like so many others travels for his business and will not be able to spend this Valentine’s Day with us. Here are the Top Ten ways that I came up with so that my husband is still a part of our day and so that he know’s we are thinking of him, Always.

1. Before he leaves hide a special card and piece of artwork from the kids in his bag, so that when he’s going through his suitcase he’ll be happily surprised with a sweet Valentine.

2. Tuck a little something private into his bag just so he thinks of me. A lipstick kiss on a piece of paper, a shirt with my perfume, (use your imagination).

3. A wake up call first thing in the morning, telling him how much I love him and how grateful I am that he works so hard for us.

4. Have dinner sent to him (room service) or have a pizza delivered (special Delivery)

5. Make a Valentine’s Poster with the kids(or have them do it) and send him a picture of the kids holding it up.

6. Texts throughout the day of how I feel about him, and how great he is.

7. If he’s gone for awhile, (a week or more) send him a care package with Valentine’s art work and cookies.

8. Decorate the house, and leave all the decorations up until he get’s home.

9. Be thankful that he has a job and I can stay home with my angels.

10. Celebrate all over again when he gets home. The kids would love to make daddy a special Valentine’s day dinner, followed up by a sweet dessert.

Little B set the table for his special daddy Valentine’s dinner. (sooo sweet).

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