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Tot time Preschool Letter G

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 It’s G week here and we have been looking forward to this week for some time now. This week has been a fun-filled gum chewing, goo making, great weeks. So come along and see how we explored the letter g.
Great Preschool letter g activities, Sensory Play, hands on learning and so much more.

Hands on Learning Preschool Letter G Activities

His tot trays this week were Glitter glue, Giraffe’s, matching gloves, lacing a goldfish, and coloring G papers with a green marker.
Painting with green shaving is always a huge hit at our house.
Little B loves bath time so this week he had a green sensory bath. I had several items that I picked up from the dollar store for St. Patrick’s Day that I put into the bath (bead necklaces, and lots of shiny coins).
Sorting out  Green Gumballs
This was a great activity, he worked on colors, learning what the word green looks like, the letter g, and his fine motor skills.
For the letter g I knew that I had to do a sensory bin full of gumballs. I purchased a big container at Bj’s(Costco). I hid little item’s that start with the letter g inside the sensory bin.
Wouldn’t you want to play in this?
We closed are week with 3 Games of Candy land, another G word.
I hope everyone else had a great week and you enjoyed seeing some of Little B’s G activities.
If you like what you see here I would love if you followed me. We are learning and creating new and exciting things daily.
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