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Tot time Preschool Letter K Alphabet Activities

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Can you guess what letter we are working on this week? Well come see how the King found Key’s to his castle and maybe you will be able to figure it out. Letter of the week has been a lot of fun with these Preschool Letter K Alphabet Activities.
Cookie trays from the dollar store are so great for magnets. We worked on letter recognition and spelling out Kim(my name, which he still has know idea what I was talking about because my name is mommy), so funny and we also spelled Key.
I love this Melissa and Doug key house it’s great for working on fine motor skills. I hid little items inside each door that start with the letter K this was a lot of fun.
Letter work at the beach.
Little B traced the K’s with a stick first.
He also spent time tracing the K’s with his finger and trying to write his own K’s. I love how learning can take place anywhere.
King for a Day
What fun it is to be King
King’s live in Castle’s
Little B had fun building a Kings castle.
To end the week I challenged the King to a game of war.
Perfect for working on letters and numbers, they have know idea they are actually learning because games are so much fun.
A Snack for a King
He wasn’t sure if he liked it or not, but he gave it a good try.
You guessed right the letter of the week was K.
I hope you have fun learning letters this week and come back and join us next week. In fact better yet sign up to follow me by email so we can stay in touch regularly.

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These are some of the items that we used this week to help us learn and have fun. If you purchase anything through my blog my family will receive a small percentage to go towards new books. A great big Thank you from my family to you!