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Tot time Preschool Letter M

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Little B is half way through the alphabet and mastering all his letter sounds. Mommy couldn’t be prouder. This week we worked on the letter M. We always start out the day singing our letter song,  M says mmm, M says mmm, every letter makes a sound M says mmm.
I hope you enjoy our M week.
Sensory play with men, money, Mickey, Mario, and a motorcycle.
I have know idea why Little B’s men are all bald.
He loves sensory time, fun and learning goes great together.
Little B in the Mirror, I wrote the word mirror or had a Letter M card on all of the mirror’s in the house. This was fun, through out the week he would go up to a mirror and point to the M/or the word and say M is for Mirror.
Play dough and lego’s together = awesome letter making fun. Seen on One Perfect Day Blog.
 Little B raced 4 motorcycles to see which won was the fastest. The winner was Little Blue.
Dot and writing letter M’s
The best part of the week, Mommy time.
M is for Mommy.
Little B is really enjoying preschool with mommy and it has been amazing to watch him develop so many skills in such a short time. I’m cherishing these days.
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