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Tot time Preschool Letter P

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Preschool and the letter P
We had a Perfect week of Play, Practice, and Performing. I would love for you to Participate by checking out our Post. This is a Peek into our lives of learning with a Preschooler.
We started this week off by taking a trip to the Pond.
After going to the Pond and reading a few books about things you find in a Pond like Make Way for Ducklings and Pond. I decided a Pond would make a great sensory bin. We cleaned the rocks, added a couple of scoops of Play sand in the bottom, clean water, a few leaves, ducks and our Frogs, turtles , and fish.
Play time
Thankfully it has been nice here, so we could have sensory Play outside.
The next stop is the Playground
Look at all this great learning fun that goes on at the Playground.
I had to get a picture of Baby Bell, she was at the Playground too.
Even daddy got in on the Playground action this week.
 Learning the letter P tuckers out the Little one’s and makes the nights very Peaceful for Mommy and daddy.
Little B’s Favorite Place to go is Putt Putt 
Waiting Patiently for his turn.
We are so lucky to have 100 different Putt Putt places in our area.  Although, the children still seem to Pick the same 2 all the time. It is so much fun to watch them Play.
This is a Picture to show three of the P trays we used this week.The two end trays were for working on Patterns, one we used buttons in two different colors and the other was the ice cube tray and Pom Poms. For this tray I would start a Pattern on the first row and he would duplicate the same Pattern on the next row. Then we went on to starting each row different and he would complete the Pattern. The middle tray was our Pig tray. This is meant to be hands on learning through touching the different items, looking at them, spelling the word PIG. Sensory learning as well from the shiny smooth card, the squisy foam Pig, the hard block, and the bendable figure.
Teaching Little B how to spell and hopefully soon write his name by using a homemade Puzzle. I made a name Puzzle numbering the top to make it a little easier at this Point, this way if he can’t figure out which letter comes next he can count and use the numbers. Either way I’m happy he’s getting numbers and letters into his learning day.  As he gets better at spelling I will make another name Puzzle with out the numbers.
Working on the Puzzles all by himself, I can’t figure out if he was taking a break or trying to figure out the next Piece.
Finishing up the last Puzzle of the set. We absolutely love these Melissa and Doug Puzzles, we have every one and they are well loved.
I love this face. He’s Proud of himself, he can do so many things these days. He even lined them all up. Some of Little B’s other favorite Puzzles are Melissa and Doug Sea life, Magnetic Puzzles, and Infantino colors and textures puzzle. Puzzles can be such a great learning tool, children learn concentration, and Problem solving, all while working on fine motor skills.
 Feel free to Participate more by leaving a comment telling me what you are doing this week with your little ones. I hope you saw a few letter P ideas and didn’t have to much trouble reading the 60 P words.
If you are looking for other ideas for your little one’s I would love for you to check out my Pinterest board Schooling the Little’s and visit me on Facebook so we can chat.

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