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Tot time Preschool Letter Q

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Little B is moving along quickly these days with his letters. In fact you’ll notice this post is short due to the fact he has already mastered all of his letters and sounds. These days we are spending a shorter amount of time with each letter but have moved onto reading and writing. I will still continue to post Little B’s activities each week, I love seeing how he’s progressing and I hope you do too.
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Counting with Q-tips
This was a fun color by number activity from Confessions of a Homeschooler LOTW (Letter of the Week)curriculum.
Little B colored his Quilt perfectly. (I’m his mom so of course I think it’s perfect)
Handwriting practice, I’m so impressed at how much better he has gotten in just a couple of months. He did this all by himself. The handwriting paper is from 1+1+1=1, you can get this page for free or Download the whole curriculum for just a few dollars.
I usually try not to use video’s as part of Little B’s schooling, however we have been working on a year long nature study. We have enjoyed learning about so many different types of birds I thought I would incorporate Quail into our LOTW. All of my boys watched this video  and this video. I monitor and watch all video’s before I use them for schooling. The 2nd video by Arizona Game and Fish, we only watched the first 2 minutes and 20 seconds of, after that they get into talking about hunting the birds and I prefer my boys not to see that.  This was a very nice addition to learning about Quail.  We spent about 4 minutes watching the video’s and learned several facts plus got to see how beautiful they are.

Did you know there are 130 different types of Quail birds, that they are vegetarians and live on the ground. They prefer to live in low bushes and weed fields instead of tree’s. If you are looking for more information on Quail facts for children check out this link here.
I had a few other plans this week that we didn’t get to because Little B was ready to move on, I thought I would share the ideas in hopes that it will help you with your LOTW.

For sensory play I was going to use Quaker Oats in a bin, then add our letter Q items, Q-tips, Quarters, Quail figures, Q cards.
Other ideas are:
Let your child be Queen for a day(if you don’t follow a strict Montessori method) Dress up your child as a Queen and read books for instance The Queen who saved her people .
Draw a Question mark and talk about “What is a Question”.
Count with Quarters.
Make Quesadillas for Dinner and have your child help.
Sew with a child friendly Needle a small Quilt or glue together a small quilt on a piece of card stock.

I hope these ideas are useful to you when you are working on the letter Q. If you would like to see other great learning activities check out my Pinterest board Schooling the Littles. You can also check out all of our alphabet activities by clicking here.

I always love hearing how you are incorporating learning into your day, so feel free to leave me a message in the comment section below. I look forward to it.


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