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Tot time Preschool Letter R

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R was such a fun week. We started the week off making rainbow rice for sensory play. I was even more excited when I realized I perfected my easy rice recipe. Little B loved his R sensory play.
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We have rainbows, robots, rocks, letter R cards, and a few rhino’s added into our rainbow rice.
If you are interested in my fast and easy rainbow rice recipe:
I use a 2 lb bag and separate the rice into 5 different plastic containers (rubbermaid or something like it), add several drops of food coloring(approx. 8-10), put a lid on the containers and shake.
I always get the kids involved, they can do most of the rice coloring themselves. When the color seems to be spread out and coating the rice, take the lid off and microwave the rice for 3 minutes (1 container at a time). This dries the rice out so you can use it right away. Depending on the amount of rice per container it may take an extra minute.
The whole process takes about 20 minutes if you are doing multiple colors.
After dying Rigatoni rainbow colors(we used the same recipe as above except I added a Tablespoon of Vinegar to each container), Little B went to town stringing his pasta.
I love this face he was making as he was stringing.
Lot’s of concentration.
He did it! What a great activity for letter R. He worked on concentration, hand/eye coordination. fine motor skills, as well as the alphabet. I love making learning fun.
 My children love being involved in the kitchen, so to go along with R week what better than Rice Krispie Treats.
I should have made this our sensory play for the week. Little B really enjoyed himself making these treats.
The older boys helped with the stirring, mixing,  measuring to make sure all of the marshmallows from the bottom were mixed in. They were big helpers.
 Rice Krispie Treats
We always try to spend time reading and of course reading ties into letter R learning.
I also use Carisa’s Animal ABC’s which you can find here.
Thank you for stopping by and seeing how we do  preschool at home.

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