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Preschool Letter S Activities

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We’ve been busy around here lately enjoying tons of hands on alphabet activities. This week we have spent time exploring shells, starfish, supermarkets, ships, and had a super sea sensory experience. I hope you enjoy our preschool letter S activities.
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Purposeful Play
We started the week by having imaginative playtime with our Lego Supermarket set set. We also added in our Duplo Letters for extra learning fun.
Little B really enjoyed shopping at the supermarket with Legos.
Sensory Play 
We did it up big this week for Sensory play. I set up our beach(where we live) with families playing in the sand, a boardwalk with kids skateboarding, and of course shells, and a lifeguard.
You’ll notice in the pictures all of the S items I added to our Sand Sensory play (shovels, signs, scorpions, sea shells, skateboards, and more). The boys have always been huge Playmobile fans.
We spent time reading wonderful books like Rainbow Sea, Sounds of the Wild and In the Ocean. We really enjoy reading as a family.
Our Sea set up for day 1. included the Safari Ltd. Coral Reef and Ocean Toob. I added a little blue food coloring to the water and a handful of blue glass beads. Next we added a little glitter to the sea to make it glisten like it does in real life.
Here is the set up for day 1
All of the boys really enjoyed the Sensory play all week.
Don’t forget to add your shovels, surfboards and signs.
I labeled the bins on the front, because I am working on Little B’s reading skills.  I think it is important for children to see words and letters around them in everyday life. Helping them with word/letter recognition.
Day 2 of Sensory play
Mommy added Sailboats.
I made these sailboats by filling up 2 plastic containers with water, adding a straw to the middle of each of them, as well as a steering wheel/helm. Then I put them in the freezer overnight. We had a few Pirate ships I could use the wheel from already, like this one here.
 I took the boats out of the freezer. I cut 2 pieces of card stock into triangles, hole punched them once about 1 inch from the top, and slid the sail onto the straw. This was a HUGE hit. The boys loved playing with their ice sailboats.
 As the ice melted they still continued to play for hours.
He played with the Squinkie Cruise Ship, and all of the Squinkie Friends.
I’m not a big fan of plastic toys, however we do love anything miniature in size.
We have almost completed our Letter of the week and Little B has learned so much. I have started preparing for the next step in Little B’s schooling. We are all very excited. If you are looking for more activities for your preschooler I would love for you to check out my Preschool Pinterest Board here.
Are you having preschool at home? Do you include Sensory play into your learning? I would love to hear about it, leave a comment or visit me on Facebook so we can chat.

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