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Under the Sea Jello Sensory Adventure

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I’m so excited to share with you this fun, slippery, slimy, tasty, Under the Sea Jello sensory bin. I know everyone can have fun with this cool sensory play and it’s so easy to put together.  Sensory play is so much fun. Don’t you agree? All you need for this edible sensory play is a couple of ingredients and your kids will be playing for hours. Have Fun!

Under the Sea Jello Sensory Bin

Jello Sensory play, under the sea activities, homemade fun, themed learning activities,

Under the Sea Edible Sensory Play – Jello Sensory Play

Jello Sensory play, under the sea play, homemade fun,
How fun is this?!
 This is so easy to put together. We simply followed the directions on the package of Jello for Jello Jigglers. In fact I had my older boys make it for Math/Science/Practical life in the morning.
We added in the Sealife Mega Toob and set it outside.  By the early afternoon it was set and ready to be explored. If it is not cold where you live this is still easy to do just use a large bowl or bin that fits in your refrigerator.
Jello Sensory play, under the sea play, homemade fun,
Exploring the cold, sticky, slimy, tasty, gooey blue jello was awesome.
 We also had fun talking about the different creatures that live under the sea.
In the end, this was a fabulous fun sensory learning experience for everyone. I hope you have the chance for some Jello sensory play at your house.

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