Valentine Special

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To a lot of people Valentine’s Day is a day to splurge on roses, teddy bears, and chocolate, but in this house we do it differently. You aren’t going to find expensive gift ideas here. What you are going to find is a way to show your love through thoughtful creativity, and nature. 

I set up this sweet invitation to create on our table. I laid a large piece on contact paper down going from one end of our table to the other. I had bought an inexpensive bouquet of flowers, that I pulled apart and set out in bowls for everyone to use. Then I wrote the word LOVE with flower pieces to get them started. 
Each child spent time decorating the table with words and symbols. They spelled out mom, dad, made hearts, flowers, and designs. We used this beautiful natural masterpiece as our table runner during dinner. It was a hundred times better than any bouquet could have been. So remember this Valentine’s day be creative, and think about all of the beautiful things around you in nature that can be used. 

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