What to Really Expect When Working from Home

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Usually, when I tell people I work from home, I get the side eye. How can you work from home when you have five kids to tend to? Well, it’s not easy, I’ll give them that, but there are some things I do to help us make an income. With that income, I’m able to help our family in ways I never dreamed of before. Working from home has been great! Oh and guess what… I’m sure you could do it too.

What to Really Expect when Working from Home and Tips to make it work, Make money doing things you enjoy from home, Stay at home moms Rock!

What to Really Expect When Working from Home


I love what working at home has done for us. Not only can I make an income, but there are other unexpected perks from working at home and having a blog. Here are just a few aspects of what you can really expect when working from home.

  1. Free Products: One of the best things that my family has been able to experience with me working at home is free homeschooling products. I am able to team up with brands I love to showcase their products. Since homeschooling can be costly, I’m able to supplement by getting free homeschool curriculum for my kids. What an awesome perk of working at home. I only recommend and use items that our family loves which works out great for all of us.
  2. Money for Groceries: Okay, with having five children, it’s safe to say that we go through a lot of groceries. Through blogging, I’m able to help pay for our groceries. With becoming an affiliate for companies that I love and having a few ads, I’m able to make money to contribute to our groceries. When you work from home, one of the best benefits is being able to help out your family.
  3. Working with Great Companies: Another awesome perk of working from home is working with great companies. Sure, I get to work with companies that provide homeschooling products, but there are also tons of other brands out there. It’s fun to work out a relationship with companies that I adore! Most companies want your relationship to be beneficial to you and them. This past winter I really enjoyed working with Walmart to create a fun alphabet book for Bells and share  great photo ideas that you can do there. I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know the family that owns and operates Elves & Angels.
  4. Meeting Like-Minded People: I think one of my favorite parts of working from home is the different people I meet. I’ve been able to make awesome friends who help contribute to my success of working from home. I’d count this as a major benefit!
  5. Make Your Own Hours: I love being able to work when I want to work. I spend my time online in the early morning (with my coffee) and in the evening when the kids are asleep. For me this works perfectly. Take a look at your daily life and kids activities. Play around with different times for the first week or two, so you can see what feels good for your family.

I mentioned a little of how I’m able to work from home, but you may be wondering how I do it. You already know I make some money from blogging. I want to be clear that blogging is HARD work. You can’t expect to get paid from it right away. In fact check out these 5 Blogging Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make so you get a successful start.

Here are some ways you can make an income from home, other than blogging.

  • Freelance writing: There are websites like Textbroker.com and Blogmutt.com that allow you to write from the comfort of your own home.
  • Consulting: Working with different brands on campaigns can also be a way to work from home. I am able to consult with brands to earn income in different ways.
  • V.A. (Virtual Assistant): A lot of companies and bloggers need help too. If you enjoy social media, Sending e-mails, editing pictures and things like this… You would make a great VA. You can find VA groups on Facebook where people are always looking for help.
  • Start your own business: Finally, one of my favorite ways to encourage people to work from home is to start their own business. Whatever your background is you can be of help to someone else. For example: If you are an amazing decorator you could help in creating specific spaces for families. Or maybe you are great at planning healthy meals, you could write out meal plans to help others or even create a cookbook for busy moms. If you have a teaching background and are filled with great ideas. Start creating and selling on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you are Crafty and want to try selling some of your handiwork, check out Waldorf Tag Sale on Facebook or Etsy.

You definitely want to read Money-Making Mom: How Every Woman Can Earn More and Make a Difference. It’s a great read.

*There you have it, what to expect when working from home. Do what you love and share that with others! You’ll have good days and bad days, but mostly you are going to rock it.


If you work from home, what do you think are some things others can expect? I’d love to hear your tips!

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