Working with Color Part 2

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We have spent the past two weeks working on colors. We have explored books with color, painted, and enjoyed different types of artist supplies using colors- click here for part 1.We have even shared color learning with Baby Bell’s treasure baskets. This week we have some other wonderful color activities planned, and we end it with a fun treat. 
For week 2, I decided it would be nice to start off with Colorful Science.
The boys all had measuring cups filled with water, they filled their mason jars up 3/4 of the way and then added a few drops of food coloring.

Here you can see the colors they choose to use for the flower experiment.
They cut there own flowers to the length they wanted  and placed them in thier jar.

 They are really enjoying this project.

Little B wanted to mix his food coloring so we ended up with a dark green color.
10 days later…
Blakey’s blue flowers look beautiful and blue. (smile)
Blazey’s orange flowers turned out lovely. 
Little B’s turned a bright green, not to mention all the flowers looked beautiful in our nature center.
I had to add this picture in here, it made my day.  
Mixing colors by pouring and or using a dropper. We started out with the primary colors (blue, red, and yellow). Little B mixed and mixed for at least an hour.
He really enjoyed making the different colors and figuring out how much of each color to add to get the result he wanted. 
Mixing colors using paints.
Cupcake Wars – Color explosion
For those of you that are not familiar with the Food Channel, they have a show on Sunday evening called Cupcake Wars. In the show 4 teams battle it out to see who has the best cupcakes. The boys and I love watching the Competition cooking shows, so I decided to end our color unit by having the kids battle it out in our own cupcake war competition. In the show Cupcake Wars there is always a theme for the cupcakes, so I named this cupcake war challenge Color Explosion.
The boys made there own cupcakes, and picked there own liners.

They scooped and added whatever they wanted. Some were plain, others had chocolate chips, white chocolate, and some had several different types of chocolate.
For frosting and decorations they chose to make different colored icing (pink,yellow, and green), we also added in a few cans of icing, sprinkles, more chocolate, raspberry preserves, and fresh strawberries.  
Decorating time (just like Cupcake wars this is timed) they had 3 minutes to decorate. My plan was to allow more time but when I saw how much stuff they were putting on (and I had to taste them all) I shortened the time. (smile)

I love seeing the older brothers pitch in to help, knowing it was a timed competition. I was impressed. 
These were the boys final plates. As the judge I tasted each cupcake and scored them.We had 3 categories which were best tasting, best decorated for our theme, and most creative.  In the end they each won a category and everyone was happy.
Cupcakes for everyone!!!
It has been so much fun watching the children this week while they explore color. I would love to hear how you explore color with your children.