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Rainbow Shaving Cream Art

Rainbow Art for Kids Shaving Cream Art, Shaving Cream Marbling, For this fun art activity for preschool, all you need is a few simple supplies for a lovely rainbow shaving cream marbled paper. Preschool Art Activities, Explore color mixing with shaving cream and food coloring for beautiful shaving cream art.

Keyword: Rainbow Art for Kids Shaving Cream Art
  • Large baking dish or tub to hold the shaving cream
  • White Paper
  • Food coloring or liquid watercolors
  • Shaving cream
  • Ruler or paint stick
  • Popsicle stick or other mixing tools
  1. Begin by filling a large baking dish or another container with shaving cream. You want the container to be large enough so that you can lay a piece of paper down flat in it. Try to fill the shaving cream in evenly.
  2. One by one, drip individual drops of the different food colorings or liquid watercolors spaced out over the surface of the shaving cream in your container.
  3. Use a popsicle stick or other mixing tool to lightly swirl the colors together. The designs look better if you minimize the swirling, and do not mix the colors too much.
  4. Gently lay a piece of paper on top of the shaving cream, and pat down carefully all over its surface.
  5. Peel the piece of paper off of the shaving cream, and lay it down on a flat surface.
  6. Use a ruler to carefully scrape off the shaving cream; the colored design will be left behind.
  7. Let the paper dry completely.