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Ocean Process Art Activity

Check out this simple Ocean Art Activity for preschoolers!

  • 8X10 white canvas
  • Clothespins (5)
  • Pom poms (5)
  • Craft paint (different shades of blue – we chose 5 colors for this activity)
  • Paper plate
  1. Squeeze open each clothespin and attach one pom pom to the clothespin. Do this for the remaining clothespins and pom poms. *Note: When kids are doing this activity, remind them not to squeeze the clothespin as they are painting or the pom pom will fall out.

  2. Pour a small amount of each color of paint onto a paper plate. Leave room between paint so that paints do not mix together.

  3. Use one clothespin and pom pom for each color of paint. Dip the pom pom into the paint. Dab about 10 dots of the first color of paint onto the canvas. Try to spread out the colors on the canvas.

  4. Repeat this step for the other colors, using the designated clothespin and pom pom for each specific color.

  5. If you run out of paint, refill the paint tray and repeat the process until the canvas is covered with a variety of blue dots. Paints are expected to mix at this point.

  6. Using one pom pom and clothespin, start at one end of the canvas and start dabbing the pom pom up and down on the canvas top to bottom. The colors will blend together to create a neat effect. Repeat this step until the canvas has been completely blended.

  7. Allow the canvas to dry and display once dry!