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DIY Drum for Kids

DIY 4th of July Drum for Kids - Easy Music Instruments

  • We used a 6” plastic flower pot you could use a *new* small plastic wastebasket, small bucket, large plastic bowl… feel open to exploring what you have on hand.
  • About 6 total feet of ribbons and trim for the neck strap and to decorate with.
  • Clear packing tape or duct tape
  • optional glitter, sparkly stickers
  1. To make the drums drill two holes in the top of the flower pot to feed the ribbon through-this is optional based on the container you choose to use. If you are unable to drill holes you can simply hot glue or tape the ribbons in place.
  2. Use the tape to cover the top of the container. Depending on how thick the tape is-and how excited your drummer is-you may want to add a few layers of tape and secure them around the edges.
  3. Duct tape will have a stronger hold than packing tape will.
  4. We added a few sparkly pieces of ribbon and a gold glitter star to our drum.