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Valentine Shaving Cream Marbling Heart Crafts

Easy and Fun Heart Shaped Shaving Cream Marbling Craft for Valentine's Day

  • 1 can Foam Shaving Cream
  • Craft Paint—red pink, purple, gold
  • 6 pieces White Cardstock Paper 6x6
  • Glitter
  • Icing Knife or Bench Scraper
  1. In a small pan, spray a layer of shaving cream.
  2. Take 2 colors of paint, and squeeze stripes of a color one direction, and squeeze stripes of the other color the other direction. Make sure you leave plenty of white foam showing as well.
  3. Take a sheet of paper, and lay it on top of the paint and shaving cream. Press down gently to make sure the paper is completely coated on the front side, then lift it off and lay it face up on a piece of parchment paper.
  4. Take your scraper and slide it along the paper so that the shaving cream and paint is scraping off. Press firmly on the paper so that you don’t leave any excess behind.
  5. Empty out the pan of shaving cream/paint, and repeat steps 1-4 until all your other sheets of paper are done with different colors. Let them all dry.
  6. Make a heart template out of a piece of paper, any size you would like. Trace the template on the backs of your dried shaving cream paint papers and cut them out.