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Endangered Ocean Animals Activities

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 After reading A Perfect Time for Pandas and Pandas and Other Endangered Species: Fact Tracker we wanted to learn even more. Endangered Species have always been something I’m passionate about and I’ve always tried to help when I can, so I really wanted my children to understand more of what was going on in this world.

Endangered Species Ocean Animals Activities

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Endangered Ocean Animals Activities

 I set out to find a few fun and interesting ways to show and teach my boys about Endangered ocean animals. I used ocean animals Montessori printables. 
The boys spent time reading all of the cards, and looking at all of the pictures. Really getting to know a lot about all of the animals.


Endangered Ocean Sensory Play

Just in case you don’t know we love Sensory play! This time I wanted to take it to a whole other level.  I wanted the kids to enjoy the animals, the different textures, and to be able to use their imagination while they played. Yet in the end I wanted them to learn something much deeper and greater in meaning.
For this Sensory set up:
I froze a tray full of shaving cream. I also froze a few small containers of water for Glaciers. I added blue water beads, and Endangered ocean animals.
This Ocean Science Sensory play lasted for a long time. The kids learned such a great lesson too.



Towards the end the boys started to notice things changing. The snow and glaciers were melting. A film was coating some of the animals. It was then that they realized and understood what we had learned about Global Warming and how it effects our animals.
This was a wonderful learning experience and it made the kids want to be part of the solution.
Teach your children to be part of the solution and watch them help to make the world a better place for their generation.
Websites that helped teach us what we can do for the animals and the Earth.

Ocean Themed Science Sensory Nature Table

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Ocean Animals Activities

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